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Quoties, what's so great about 'em? Not only to they immortalize a certain moment in time, they can be funny or wise or mean something special to a certain person..the list goes on.

The pages following are real-time quotes that I have collected from friends and family. Some on the net, some in person, some on the phone. I can't help but be proud of these quotes...I know some of the most funny intelligant people around and these quotes are proof of that. : ) Enjoy everyone, it's all good!

A special thanks goes out to those of you who keep an eye out for new quotes, Kel, Lordct, Li, Everyone! I really really appreciate it!

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Ack, I hate my hair *l* It's so damn fluffy...
[Arik Korpin]

I want chicken I want liver moew mix meow mix please deliver!

You can have good sucking and blowing and bad sucking and blowing.<
[Gaidal Cain]

Get away moth, you don't get my macaroni and cheese!

Hello! My name is Icebum! You ate my burrito! Prepare to die!

I'm not always vulgar!!...just all the time.

I love to sneeze,
it's one of the best feelings
in the world,
so quick, so violent,
such a head rush.

Dammit I just misspelled on my christmas present list..
now I've asked satan for an inflatable Buffy.

How deep is thy thought that lingers on
the nature of sun screen bottles,
and is the color of a sun screen bottle
that you percieve the
same perception that I percieve,
or is it a universe away in consciousness.
I prefer to count the hair follicles
on the bottom of my hand.
[Bili Al'Dai]
{Bili's site}

if word gets out, I'll have to sic my
killer rasberry muffin on y'all. Nothing personal :)

I have this talent of being able to hear
complex sounds in my head...
and I've said it there about a dozen times.
[Mazrim Taim]
{He's talking about the word/person
'Piglet' from Winnie the Pooh}

10.45am is no time to be awake
{The Karja Pages}

I'm so unsexy It's not even funny!
[Sam d'ma Shadar]

I'm allergic to color.

I had a pet peeve once..
It ran out into the street and
got run over by an ice cream truck.

AHHH! There was a bug on the screen
and I flicked it, and it ATTACKED me!!
stupid bug!

I love smashing them on the ground
and spreading the shiny stuff out!!
{This quote is
referring to firefly's. *l*}

My sister and I are taking my mom's dogs
trick or treating this year.

Oh, I remember when I was Luke Skywalker...
from my earliest memory 'till my
dad stopped calling me Luke
when I was like 11 *l*

I can smell the pumpkin things in my hair.
[Evil Gaidin]

I might be willing to trade unending love for Rolos right now.

Personally, I prefer the whips.
Spanking hurts my hand.
{Cynny's Site!}

I am sane in my own world.

Then Puttith him in my teaith
{In response to my saying 'The Ice man cometh' *rotfl*}

it's ogle! ogling!
*can't take the misspelling anymore*

Help me I'm drowning and I think I swallowed my gum!!

I want my own galaxie....or a planet
...a tiny one....

elf...the other white meat.

I ate turkey today....and pickles...*l*
{Feo's totally neat site!}

I thought that kind of vulgarity
was only in my head.

Ok, someone get me a gun b/c
I am going hunting for some sea lions!
They are driving me freakin' crazy!
{Caly's cool page}

Onkey Donkey

a wombat is a quadroped-
it enjoys leaping from trees
and chasing small children.

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